three actions and a camp: TORONTO

24 09 2007

A couple weeks ago I went to Toronto to be a trainer at an Action Camp coordinated by Forest Ethics and Rainforest Action Network for activists who had been involved in the Grassy Narrows Blockade. We kicked off the camp with an action that looked like this:

then went to the woods and did a bunch of trainings on strategy and advanced hard-skills, which looked kinda like this:

and then came back and did an action like this:

Then last Friday, a buncha those folks were involved in organizing a third action :

Read about what happened by clicking below…

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Building a Community of Loving Support and Organizing for the Long Haul

18 09 2007


banksy piece

A friend Brian recently wrote a letter to the rest of Students for a Democratic Society about the way (majority-white) youth activists often attack one another and cut each other down. It talks about some of the internal SDS dynamics, but is pretty illuminating of some of the struggles young activists are up against when they organize today. I thought I would share it here.

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Praxis Makes Perfect: the New Youth Organizing

14 09 2007

Madeline Gardner and I were asked to contribute a chapter to a new book coming out on AK Press called Real Utopia: Participatory Society for the 21st Century, edited by Chris Spannos of Znet.

madeline gardner and joshua kahn russell with an easel from their strategy training

this is what we wrote:

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Intergenerational Organizing

8 09 2007

A little while ago I wrote an essay on intergenerational organizing and SDS for a project that ended up being put on hold. I was later asked to shorten it to a 1,000 word article for Yes! Magazine called Not Your Grandfather’s SDS.

Here it is!

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