Some photos from the March 19th SF demonstrations

23 03 2008

A quick smattering of photos from the anniversary of the Iraq war last week in downdown San Francisco, from friends who posted on Indymedia.

(our snake march)

(I don’t mean to look so angry, I promise!)

(steve theberge)

(the brass liberation orchestra)

(blockade at chevron)




4 responses

25 03 2008
Aaron Petcoff

You look like you’re ready to say “shit” really, really loud.

29 03 2008
Brian Kelly


“Shhhtrrategic action nowwww!!”

11 04 2008
Aaron Petcoff

“shhhtop the war!”

13 04 2008

I saw the video where the cops ran up on everybody on Folsom St I think. Then they went straight for the person holding the camera and threw him on the ground.

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