U.S. Youth Lead where U.S. State Dept Won’t in UNFCCC Negotiations

8 12 2008

Young people in Poznan, Poland are stepping into the empty shoes of our stalling government.

Young people from the United States have been engaging full force in the 14th Conference of Parties (COP) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Unfortunately, we can’t say the same of our government. Instead of waiting around for our government to change its tune on the international stage, we’ve decided to set up dozens upon dozens of meetings with countries across the globe, especially those countries whom our country has disrespected in the past. Even if our own government isn’t listening to some of the most affected stakeholders in this negotiation, we will. We’re hoping the next wave of U.S. engagement will follow our lead.

See our letter, which as already been getting very enthusiastic response from countries around the world.

U.S. youth letter to UNFCCC delegates

We’re here from Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative, SustainUS, Rainforest Action Network, Energy Action Coalition, Indigenous Environmental Network, 350.org

Or just read the text of the U.S. letter to other delegations here.


A Meeting Request from the United States Youth

December 6, 2008

Distinguished Delegation of Zambia,

As young people from the United States, we are deeply disturbed by the state of the negotiations. We are ashamed and outraged by our country’s disproportionate contribution to climate change, and our government’s neglect in addressing it both domestically and internationally. We are writing today in an effort to begin the process of addressing that neglect.

We believe there is hope on the horizon. Americans from all walks of life are taking action on this issue to bring us towards just and equitable solutions to the global climate crisis.

We understand that this shift is long overdue and we stand in solidarity with people that have felt the brunt of our country’s irresponsibility. We believe that the groups that have been marginalized in these climate negotiations are in a unique position to lead the world in solving the climate crisis in a truly just and sustainable way.
In the regrettable absence of constructive U.S. engagement with the world on this critical issue, we have come to Poznan to represent the future, not the past. In this spirit, we humbly request a meeting with you to establish an open dialogue between our two delegations. We want to hear your stories and thoughts on how the U.S. should re-engage in the international negotiations process.

To arrange a meeting, please send a preferred time and date by email to USYouthInPoznan@gmail.com or by phone to Eli Allen at +48 792.281.679.

We look forward to meeting with you.

Ambassadors of change
The US youth delegation




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