Anniversary of a tragedy

20 03 2009

The Iraq war has been going on for 6 years. Today in downtown San Francisco I watched Iraq war veterans in full uniform, in military “stand easy” position, solemnly blockade the street to ensure their sacrifice and the sadness of this day goes not go forgotten. It is sad to see police arresting Iraq vets for civil disobedience about a massively unpopular war, including Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan. Not as sad, of course as 4,260 US service members and 1,311,00 Iraqis killed over the last 6 years. Take a moment of silence.

Similar actions were taking place near other high-traffic areas in the bay area, organized by other groups as well.

Support Iraq Veterans Against The War.

See more information on IndyBay here. Photos by Rahula Janowski

Text from IVAW announcement:

On the 6th anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, Bay Area Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) held an action to call for an end to the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan at UN Plaza in San Francisco.

The event was part of a day of actions against the war, with various actions and speak outs at BART stations around the Bay Area. Bay Area veterans leafletted and talked about the realities of war. They then took a moment of silence – one second for each U.S. service member who lost their lives in Iraq, totaling 4,259 seconds- in Market Street. unfortunately, SFPD only allowed them half of that time.

The action highlights the growing number of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who have “served” and are now speaking out and saying NO MORE! They speak from their own experience and on behalf of military servicemembers who felt as they do but did not live to tell about it.

Over one million Iraqi citizens have died as a result of the Iraq War, and countless more wounded and displaced. IVAW does not want to minimize Iraqi death and suffering, but rather, want to use their voices to withdraw military support for the war and let the world know that they will no longer allow this tragedy to be tolerated and ignored.




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29 03 2009

hey josh i was looking for you and i came across this blog when i found your myspace! i wrote you a letter on myspace that explains who i am…well anyways nice blog i can’t wait to read past entries..

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