about this blog

This blog is intended to be somewhat of a dumping ground of articles and blogposts that I publish elsewhere, as well as a link to resources that some folks might find useful.

I also go through long periods of not updating.

4 responses

18 11 2008
Michael P

Hello, I see that you were involved in the “Dominion 11” action. I am currently writing a piece for an English quarterly newspaper that takes an alternative/radical slant and I was hoping you might be able to tell me how your court case went. Was your attempt to use the Kingsnorth 6 defence of climate change successful? I look forward to hearing from you, thanks

29 01 2009
mindy leitner

heyyyyy joshua!!!!!!
hi….it’s mindy. remember me? i knew you very very well when you were very very little 🙂
…oh……..so many memories i have of you! ( and lots of sweet pictures too!)

im so proud of whom you have become…xox…keep fighting the good fight.
and drop me a line if you would like to catch up sometime. i think of you and your family often, and hope you are all well 😉

31 03 2011
Jeremy Louzao

Joshua, this blog is amazing! The resource section alone is incredible, but your articles and work is really, really great.

Thank you for your work in the world, and for sharing it like this!

Jeremy Louzao, Seattle

15 05 2012
Gareth Fenley

Traced back here from a FB share. Thanks for being here with so much to discover!
Gareth Fenley, South Carolina

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