Click It and Stick It to King Coal’s Dirty Bankers

18 02 2010

Today, Rainforest Action Network (RAN) is joining with thousands of friends and allies on the internet to send a message to JP Morgan Chase to stop financing mountaintop removal coal mining!

This Thursday morning at 9am EST, revealed a list of simple actions people can take online, letting Chase know that America is aware of the bank’s involvement in destroying Appalachia. Participants will have a choice of actions to take on a variety of social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

JP Morgan Chase is the biggest U.S. financier of mountaintop removal coal mining, the highly destructive practice that literally explodes the tops off of mountains for access coal below the surface.   To date, mountaintop removal has irreversibly destroyed almost 500 mountains and 1.2 million acres of forest, harmed numerous communities with increased rates of increases rates of human mortality, lung cancer, and chronic heart, lung and kidney disease and ruined Appalachia’s economy by creating conditions that have led to the worst poverty rates in the nation. Read the rest of this entry »