Some photos from the March 19th SF demonstrations

23 03 2008

A quick smattering of photos from the anniversary of the Iraq war last week in downdown San Francisco, from friends who posted on Indymedia.

(our snake march)

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21 03 2008

My friend Brian gave me a hot tip that John McCain and Bill Oreilly recently came to the conclusion that the Left is out to dismantle the “white christian male power structure.” Good thing they have a plan to stop us!

Obama on race

18 03 2008

In response to the recent attacks on him, Obama made a speech this morning about race in the U.S. in 2008. I find it interesting that every time I bring up learning from Obama I feel compelled to give a disclaimer about not having illusions about him or his candidacy. But this speech was quite remarkable – certainly race has never been talked about like this from a Presidential Candidate (or anyone holding national office). Within the realm of possibility in terms of discourse on a national level and what is politically viable for someone running for president, this is amazing.

Its a bit long but well worth listening to the whole thing.

Chevron, this weekend!

13 03 2008

Join us (Bay Rising affinity group) and about a million other groups in saying…

Saturday, March 15th – 11.00am RALLY, 1pm DIRECT ACTION
For more info:; 510 984 2566

* End the War and Occupation in Iraq and the Policies of Empire Behind the War; TROOPS HOME NOW!.
* Stop Chevron’s Plans to Expand their Richmond Refinery to Refine Dirty Crude!
* ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE, CLIMATE JUSTICE & HUMAN RIGHTS NOW! From Richmond to Burma, from Ecaudor to the Philipines, from Alaska to Nigeria
* Create Just, Democratic REAL Green Energy, Transportation, Jobs and Economy!
Join us.

11am. Rally. Judge G. Carroll Park, W. Cutting Blvd & S. Garrard Blvd, Richmond. Community groups from Richmond and other impacted communities will be speaking. Speakers at the rally include Henry Clark of West County Toxics Coalition, Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, and Jessica Tovar from Communities for a Better Environment. Performers include DJ Jermiah and Afrobeat Nation, DJ Zeph and Azeem, spoken word artist Ariel Luckey, and the Raging Grannies.

1pm. Nonviolent Direct Action. Chevron Refinery, 100 Chevron Way, Richmond. Our goal is to stop all stolen Iraqi oil from exiting and entering the refinery by land, by boat, by bike. We’re also planning a street party with awesome DJs, bands and local artists.

This action is cosponored by West County Toxics Coalition, Richmond Greens, Richmond Progressive Alliance, Community Health Initiative, Direct Action to Stop the War, Amazon Watch, Rainforest Action Network, Bay Area united for Peace and Justice, ANSWER SF, Greenaction and many more

Here’s our press release:

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Vote for the biggest Fossil Fool!

8 03 2008

Well its that time of the year again – Fossil Fools Day is coming up! On April 1st all across the world people are going to take creative action to expose the Fossil Fuels industry for who they really are. You might even want to learn all about it here.
To gear up for it, Energy Action Coalition, Rainforest Action Network, and Co-op America are hosting The Foolies – the first ever Fossil Fools day Awards. Don’t forget to vote!

And in case you’re wondering who I voted for….

Fossil Fool of the Year: Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America
Most Inauspicious Newcomer: Patricia Woertz, CEO of ADM
Lifetime Achievement: Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Energy
Biggest Human Toll: Gregory Page, CEO of Cargill
Outstanding Performance in Corporate Greenwashing: Rick Wagoner, CEO of General Motors