The cover of INCITE: Women of Color Against Violence‘s first book, Color of Violence on South End Press. In collaboration with the Design Action Collective, 2006.

The second edition cover of Noam Chomsky‘s Propaganda and the Public Mind on South End Press. 2006.

A cover for Van JonesThe Future Is Getting Restless. Ultimately, this was not the published version. 2008.

My artwork was featured on the cover of the new SmartMeme Re:Imagining Change book out on PM Press. The actual design was by Nick Jehlen, and the bubbles with the sketches of the 1968 Olympic resistance, and Suffragettes were mine.

Here’s a poster for Celebrate People’s History, about Matzpen, the first Leftist Israeli political organizations to challenge Zionism’s colonial roots. 2009.

A Celebrate People’s History poster about how occupations by black students helped create African and African American studies departments in universities across the country. 2006.

My first oil painting!

Sketch of a dragon on two canvasses, with Rumi quotes

Drawing of my father for Chanukah

There is a local tea collective in the Bay Area that is about to launch. They’re going to sell bottled organic tea regionally and use the proceeds to help fund grassroots groups who don’t have access to big funders. I am designing their bottle labels. Here’s a logo I did for them.

And here is a banner I did for their website, based on a banner I painted for Mobilization for Climate Justice West’s 1,000 Cancuns Grassroots Organizing Cools the Planet action in San Francisco:

In 2006 a movie came out about undocumented Latino immigrant skate punk boys in South Central LA. Its called Wassup Rockers and is an adventure movie about them escaping from Beverly Hills in once piece. I designed the artwork for the independent promotion of it. Here’s a stencil I made of a kid ollying over the border fence. It’s the sticker version. You can watch the movie here. Warning: parts of it are pretty messed up.

A self-portrait sketch from the inside of a ‘zine I published in 2004 called Excuse Me, Can You Please Pass the Privilege?

Stickers I made for the Clean Up RBC Tar Sands campaign.

Original version of a songbook of political folk songs that never went to press. From 2003.

Some random stencil art that I’ve done: Public Enemy. 2005.

Peter Tosh. 2004.

Books Not Bombs was a project some friends and I did in high school and college, distributing free political literature across the Northeast. Stencil from 2002.

Free Palestine. 2004.

Sketch of Van Jones for the book cover above. 2008.

Remember when this dude ruled the world? I was making stencils of presidents before it was fashionable. 2002.

I used to live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. These are some crosshatch sketches I did of friends while there in 2003.

Okay this is just silly, but I couldn’t deprive you of this one.


17 responses

16 03 2009
Brian Kelly

🙂 ❤

16 03 2009

hey stranger. i was just talking about you the other day (wrt Janaka-antics of late and how i initially met him @BrU…) i loved seeing these, a lot of them i recall from 04, and it brought back great memories. i hope you’re very well! xojojo

16 03 2009

The Matzpen Celebrate People’s History poster is very cool, but whoever did the Arabic translation didn’t get it quite right…it says “celebrate world history” rather than “people’s history.” Or was that intended?

16 03 2009

love it. 🙂

16 03 2009
Amy Ortiz

Make More Art! You are sooo talented 🙂 and it DOES feed the soul

16 03 2009

HOTT stuff, Josh. With a double ‘t’.

You are one talented fellow.

16 03 2009
Juliana Williams

Josh, these are fantastic, especially the cross-hatch. Not many people use that technique at the moment.

17 03 2009
virginie corominas

I love those cross-hatch. It seems like you’ve always known how to get to the essence of a soul. Make more art, dude.

17 03 2009

wow, your art’s really incredible. i especially love the crosshatchings, they’re great. oh, and the Chomsky cover and the Color of violence cover.

17 03 2009
dave shukla


especially matzpen (!!!)

18 03 2009

Love this! I’m going to start calling you Joshie McTalented.

18 03 2009

Joshua! this is AWESOME! More!!

13 04 2009

these are great josh. i remember stumbling into the art bldng in 03 or 04 and you were in a fog of spray paint dust, wearing just a bandana round yer mouth and nose. piles of stencils and posters all round you. remember when you sprayed one on my back?

26 04 2009

wow – thanks for sharing! i hope you get a chance to do more art!!!!

9 09 2009

the “burn all your books” stencil is my new desktop image. just awesome.

11 09 2010
Bruce Card

It pains me to hear you cuss, especially since heaven is so near at hand. Judgement you might say for what man has done to the planet, and on it.
Just how many sides are there to right and wrong, and which one are you on?
There is Truth, and there is Light, the joys of happy children and families, wholesome goals.
Have a full life, full of what-ever you want. It’s all on your tab, payable at the exit door.
(in my opinion)

12 09 2012

you got to realize the inter connectivity, the crowds you preach to, their clothes, their drinks, their tickets, the bands they go to see, all sustained by the tar sands….you know what i mean. so dont be too narrow. people want clothes,. people want fashionable clothes. people want guitars with polyethylene coating…dont neglect that. study more. practice a little less. your worth it. stop preaching for a little more tolerance here or little more recognition there…its the system. its not about regulation.

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