Obama on race

18 03 2008

In response to the recent attacks on him, Obama made a speech this morning about race in the U.S. in 2008. I find it interesting that every time I bring up learning from Obama I feel compelled to give a disclaimer about not having illusions about him or his candidacy. But this speech was quite remarkable – certainly race has never been talked about like this from a Presidential Candidate (or anyone holding national office). Within the realm of possibility in terms of discourse on a national level and what is politically viable for someone running for president, this is amazing.

Its a bit long but well worth listening to the whole thing.




One response

5 09 2008
Why Radicals Love Obama « Aid & Abet

[…] Barack Obama. It started a few months ago, when I was on a hike with a few friends right after the “Race Speech.” Granted, there was a lot of stuff in there that was really good–-it’s pretty much unheard of […]

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