Van Jones on the first Green president

16 03 2009



2 responses

19 03 2009
Dave Ranning

Obama is business as usual- just look at his cabinet and economic team.
While I have admired Van Jones in the past, I think he is either being ignorant, or not truthful about this subject (I’m betting on ignorance).
Just a basic understanding of thermodynamics would destroy his plan and argument.

19 03 2009
Joshua Kahn Russell

Dave, you are right that Van’s conclusions about Obama are overblown, but I dont think thats the point. Its certainly not why I thought this video was worth posting. Yes, Van talks about Obama saving the planet and blahblahblah, but what is useful is that he is engaging the excited energy about Obama and using it to put forward a really sharp analysis around race, the environment, and the economy. His language and message is far more radical than what used to be seen as acceptable mainstream discourse, and we are now in a political moment where its increasingly relevant to offer this kind of analysis. Grounding it within Obama enthusiasm is a choice that you may not have made, but its hardly the core of what he was trying to communicate here, I think.

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